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The Starting Gate


Sugarloaf Mt. Maine


Summer 2021

For this project, I have chosen to make a starting gate for alpine ski racing. This consists of 4 areas: 1. An outdoor seating area right off the chair lift, 2. a place for the racers to get ready, 3. a passage/bridge for the racers to walk through and other skiers to ski under, 4. the starting gate. Some of the features are that regular skiers can ski under the bridge without getting in the racer's way, the walls of the building are lined with the sponsors of the race, and not all of the walls are solid which creates cool colored shadows from the logos on the walls. This is a family-friendly development and a professional ski race-starting gate.
section B.jpg
Cross Section
Ground Floor
Second Floor
Roof Plan
​The idea for this structure is a racing gate. Now just placing this gate on the mountain isn’t realistic. There are many factors that go into the planning and placement of the gate. The idea is to have the gate elevated off the slope of the mountain so that regular skiers can ski around and under the gate to avoid the racers. The other half of the structure sits into the mountain which gives skiers the ability to ski right up to it and take a seat to either eat, chat or watch the race. The ground plays an important role because if this structure were to sit in any different terrain, the outcome would be drastically different.
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