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Summer '23 Internship

Over the three months that I interned at ID. +Collective, I was able to work on multiple projects that expanded my knowledge of commercial building codes. The Standard Baking Company project is where I applied my knowledge and succeded in meeting the client's goals while meeting my own objectives that I wanted to obtain from this experience.

This local bakery wanted to renovate its space. While working with the existing conditions, we were able to reconfigure the space to best fit the needs of the client. We surveyed the site to create an existing floor plan that consisted of just the counters, windows, and doors. 

The proposed plan includes the dimensions, prep sink, flip counters, and new countertops. The current space is crowded and when the store gets busy, it is hard to keep things organized. We have proposed a "Grab & Go" station where customers who know what they want can easily grab it and head to the register. The main counter, and behind it, is where you can find the freshly made bread. There is also the coffee counter to the left of the main counter. Every service has its station. This makes the space easier to navigate during the busy times.

Since Standard Baking Company is in the heart of the Old Port, it was easy to make site visits. I was able to measure the space, take pictures, and get every detail I needed to complete the proposed plans and elevations.

This project is still ongoing. It takes a lot of communication between the client, the city, the designer, and even the cabinet maker to bring this together. The finished product will be worth the wait.

Existing Floor Plan

Proposed Floor Plan

Front Interior Elevation

Back Counter Elevation

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