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Multigenerational Apartment Complex


Phoenix, AZ


Spring 2022

The Multigenerational Apartment Complex is a 5-story, 18-unit complex in Phoenix, AZ has terraced floors to create an outdoor space on the roof of the building. 

In Phoenix, Arizona, it is hot pretty much year-round. In order to combat this, they use thick walls that keep the cool air in and the hot air out. With this project, I wanted to create a breezeway so that there isn’t any air stuck in the courtyard. The tallest part of the building is facing south to capture a majority of the sun's rays. Located on West Mckinly and North Fourth Ave, this spot is great for a multigenerational housing complex.

Fifth Floor
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Fourth Floor
Third Floor

​With the shape of this building, terracing began to play a large role in the development of the programming. Residents have access to most of the outdoor roof terraces with the exception of 4 that are inaccessible. These outdoor spaces allow people to gather outside and enjoy the weather because it is always sunny in Phoenix.

First Floor
Second Floor



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