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The Boat House


Providence, RI


Fall 2021

For this boat house, I wanted it to involve the drainage/water runoff system that was already in place on the site. So this meant my boathouse would be sitting right on the water's edge. I needed a concept for why my building was the way it was and why it looked the way it looked. Through many different concept ideas, I landed on recycling. The Seekonk River used to be heavily polluted (and still is) and I wanted to bring that to reality and use a material that would benefit rather than hurt the environment. By reusing old shipping containers, I am able to create a unique facade for a rectilinear boathouse while recycling and reusing a material that is just going to sit in a landfill. On the other side of things, the foundation of the boathouse itself is based on an oil rig, which is the opposite of reusable. I took a non-renewable source and combined it with recycled material to create an eco-friendly boathouse.
Third Floor
Second Floor
Section Cut
Site Plan



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