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Tiny House Community


Sedona, AZ


Spring 2023

This compact tiny home community consists of 9
tiny homes. The site has a mix of one and two-story dwellings. Each dwelling is a complete set of modular units that make up the rooms. When creating it this way, each dwelling can be reconfigured to fit the needs of the people living there. The flexibility of these modular connections allows them to share a wall and save space on the site.

Solar panels were added to the roofs of all the tiny homes. This addition allows the community to offset their energy consumption from unsustainable resources. The average tiny home uses around 920 kWs per year. With these panels, they can save money and help reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Yellow exterior absorbs 28% of the sun’s heat in comparison to darker exterior surfaces and colors that absorb more heat.

Starting off with four modular units, each can be reconfigured to create a different house. Option one is the design chosen for the project but other configurations are possible.



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